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How to clean Oasis water coolers

If you are willing to make your newly bought Oasis water cooler work properly for many years to come, it is essential for you to care about its cleanliness, so that your water dispenser would provide the purest water for you and your family.

It is very important not only to clean the device from time to time, but also to sanitize it to get rid of bacteria and germs that can be found in the residue and can penetrate into the water, if you do not maintain the water unit properly.

The best time to clean the water dispenser is when there is not water anymore in the water bottle, since it easy to remove, without wasting the water.

While cleaning the Oasis water cooling machine it is necessary to follow carefully the steps mentioned below in order to avoid unintended mistakes in the cleaning process, which could lead to damage in the cooler.

First of all, you will need some things to perform the cleaning of the device, such as water, cleaning rags, vinegar or scentless bleach and dish soap.

  1. Unplug the cooling unit, and remove the empty water bottle from it, as otherwise you will not be able to clean the device.
  2. Drain all the water left in the reservoir. It is very important that there is no water left in the cooler.
  3. Pour at least one gallon of hot water into the water bottle.
  4. After that, pour 1/4 cup of vinegar into the water bottle. You can also mix one tea spoon of scent-less bleach in a cup of water instead of the vinegar, but still it is recommended to use the vinegar as it is chemical-free and efficient alternative to the chlorinated bleach.
  5. Close the spout in the water bottle, and shake the bottle hardly to clean the sides of the bottle thoroughly. You can also try to use a brush with a small handle to clean the sides.
  6. Put the water bottle onto the reservoir, and get the water through both water taps to clean the entire system. Once the water solution has run through the taps, remove the bottle and fill it with one gallon of pure hot water again.
  7. Repeat step 5 and 6 to clean the residue of vinegar or bleach.
  8. Pour approximately one quart of hot water and several drops of dish soap into the sink and clean the sink with a soft cloth, then pour some clean water to remove the soap residue.
  9. After you have followed the above-mentioned steps, you can place a new water bottle into the Oasis water cooler. Plug the unit on and enjoy the pure hot and cool water again.

These simple steps will allow you to keep your water cooler sanitized, the water clean and your health improved.

How to Clean Oasis Water Cooler